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Process and Project Management

The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the project and process management. Allow students to try several techniques and methods from both the process and project management. Create a prerequisite for learning the initiations, principles, methods and techniques of project management and process management. Acquisition of skills for the preparation, implementation and planning, management and evaluation of projects, implementation of changes. Understanding the differences and how early detection procedures, methods and modalities to choose.

What are you going to learn

  1. Introduction to Project Management - The first package of knowledge is about the principles of project management, the approach and history of Project management. Here you try to use methods - stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis, to define project objectives.
  2. Project cost management, quality management - The second part is about objectives of project, project integration, project development, planning and scope management. there you have enough time to try methods like - WBS, logical frame work.
  3. Time management and Risk management - The third package of lessons is about budgeting, time management, risk management,... Methods: risk analysis, communication matrix.
  4. Process Management - Here we talk about principles in process management, process chain and last part is about best practice in process management in IT - ITIl ( change management, problem management, incident management.

How the course is organized

Full time study

The course consist of 4 blocks, each lasting 3 hours. Part of the course is a three-day workshop.

Part time study

The course is taught only in full time study form for part time students.

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