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Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of labor force in organization (company). it is very important as it is widely believed that people is the most important and valuable asset of each and every organization. HRM focuses mainly on issues of employing people, utilizing maintaining and compensating the labor force along with the organization goals and development strategy.

What are you going to learn

  1. Human resources management and its role in the enterprise - Relationship of personnel management and human resources management. Strategic human resource management. Human Resources. Intellectual capital
  2. Role of a line manager in Human Resources Management - line managers, roles and responsibilities. Personnel policy, performance environment, humanization of work. Conflicts goals personnel policy.
  3. Labor market as the wider environment functioning organization's human resources supply and demand for labor. The price of labor. The rate of economic activity. Rate of unemployment. Forms of unemployment (frictional, seasonal, structural, cyclical). State policy of employment. Passive and active employment policy. Employment Services Administration. Mediation activities and their forms. National Employment Action Plan. Retraining. Sheltered workshops and sheltered workplaces.
  4. Specific activities of personnel management of the company - Recruiting, methods of obtaining, external labor market, internal labor market, employee selection, selection methods, pre-selection, internal tender, personal questionnaire, resume, interview, tests, assessment centres, adaptation program.
  5. Work organization and working conditions - conditions. Work Psychology. Division of labor. Scientific work organization. Ergonomics. Working environment. Mobbing.
  6. Training and development. Career Management - Activities of business education. Organizations' access to education and development phase of systematic training and development. Data analyzed in identifying training needs. The content of the training and development.
  7. Staff motivation, methods and tools of motivation, communication system in the company - Stimulation. Sources of motivation, program business. Maslow's theory of needs, Heckhausenova theory of two types of motivation, Herzberg's theory of two groups of factors of motivation, McGregor Theory X and Y.
  8. Remuneration of employees, employee benefits - Philosophy and remuneration strategy. Wage policy enterprise. Differentiation of wages, wage system, tariff system. Benefits.
  9. Care workers, social policy of the company, working conditions. Collective labor relations - Social policy, social development within the company, employee care, social program, working conditions, labor relations, collective labor relations, collective bargaining, labor unions, and middleman and arbitrator of collective disputes, strikes, lockouts, labor peace.
  10. International Human Resources Management and its specifics - Multinational organization. The panel, branch. Expatriates. Ethnocentric strategy.
  11. Performance management and evaluation of staff - Performance management, job assignment, agreement on work tasks, participation of employees in the management, evaluation methods workers, self-control, evaluation interview, 3600 Feed-back, feedback, bugs evaluators method BARS.
  12. HR information systems and personal documentation - Personnel records and documentation, personnel information systems (HRIS CPIS). Network-oriented human resource management (eHR), network self-service systems. Information and communication technologies - decentralization of HR activities - e-learning.

How the course is organized

Full time study

The course consist of 12 lectures, each lasting 1,5 hours. Part of the subject is also workshop lasting 2 days.

Part time study

The course consist of 3 block, each lasting 3 hours. Part of the subject is also workshop lasting 2 days.