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Financial Analysis and Controlling

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge, understanding and skills in the filed of economics and management companies in the current conditions, with particular emphasis on the application of controlling methods and tools in strategic and operational areas and in financial management. The course is divided into two blocks, the first for financial management and analysis of the company´s financial position and the other for controlling.

What are you going to learn

  1. Review of basic concepts+ Finance and Time Value of money - The aim of the lecture is to review the basic concepts from the introductory BEN course and to set the stage for more advanced topics related to finance. Theory as well as calculations of Time Value of Money shall be review in more detail.
  2. Financial analysis - The lecture shall provide detailed overview of tools for financial analysis of a company; covering use of financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement); common financial ratios and also short term financial planning.
  3. Risk and capital - The lecture covers the topic of risk and return in finance for the use of corporate financial management. It starts with basic concept of risk and return (and liquidity); continuing with cost of capital and required rate of return; and finally, financial leverage and its impact on business.
  4. Capital budgeting - The aim of the lecture is to present an overview of two interesting topics – capital budgeting and business valuation. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method for business valuation is discussed in more detail as it incorporates all the topics covered earlier.
  5. Controlling

How the course is organized

Full time study  

The course consists of 12 lectures and 12 workshops, each lasting 1,5 hours.

Part time study

The course consists of 4 tutorials, each lasting 3 hours.