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September, 5

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September, 7

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September, 12

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September, 14

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Economic Growth and Economic Policy

The aim of this course is to explain reasons and consequences of the business cycle and how to analyse changes and trends in economic activities and economics.

What are you going to learn

  1. Theoretical and methodological approaches for the business cycle analysis.
  2. Macroeconomic context of the business cycle theory and economic policy.
  3. Empirical findings about the business cycle theory.
  4. Estimation methods of the business cycle in short term period.
  5. Analysis of the economy during economic growth and recession.
  6. Discussion about students’ papers.

How the course is organized

Full time study

The course consist of 12 seminars, each lasting 1,5 hours.

Part time study

The course is taught only in full time study form for part time students.

Recommended literature

  • ACEMOGLU, A.: Introduction to Modern Economic Growth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007.
  • TUCKER, I. B.: Economics for Today, University of North Carolina Charlotte, 2010.
  • BAUMOHL, B.: The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities, Wharton School Publishing, 2005.