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Business English B2

The aim of the course is develop students' language skills on the upper-intermediate level. Students will learn to express their own opinions regarding general and business topics, they will understand many articles in press. Further they will be able to present in English and write various types of business correspondence texts.

What are you going to learn

  1. Communication - To talk about corporate communication and communication in general.
  2. Idioms, Dealing with communication breakdown, E-mail - To learn idioms and selected linkers; to be able to react in case of a communication breakdown; to write an e-mail.
  3. International marketing - To talk about international marketing; to learn new word partnerships.
  4. Noun compounds and noun phrases, Brainstorming, Marketing letter - To be able to manage a brainstorming in English; to learn noun compounds and noun phrases; to practice e-mail writing.
  5. Building relationships, Multi-word verbs - To be able to talk about business relationships and relationships in general; to learn selected multi-word verbs.
  6. Networking, Doing business internationally, Business letter, Linking ideas - To learn useful phrases for networking; to write a business letter; to be able to use linkers.
  7. Success, Prefixes - To talk about success in private and work life; to learn selected prefixes and idioms.
  8. Present and past tenses, Negotiation, Letter and press release - To form and use present and past tenses correctly; to be able to negotiate in English; to write a letter and a press release.
  9. Job satisfaction, Synonyms, Word-building - To talk about job satisfaction; to learn selected synonyms; to understand the principles of word-building.
  10. Passives, Cold-calling, Responding to job application, Linking words - To learn to form and use passives; to know how to do cold-calling; to be able to respond to a job application; to learn selected linkers.
  11. Risk, Adverbs of degree, Linking ideas - To talk about risks; to learn to premodify adjective by adverbs; to learn selected linkers.
  12. Reaching agreement, Working in new markets - To be able to reach an agreement; to become acquainted with specific features of foreign markets; to learn how to write a report; to revise the whole semester.

How the course is organized

Full time study  

The course consists of 12 lectures, each lasting 1,5 hours.

Part time study

The course is taught in 3 tutorials, each lasting 1,5 hours.

Recommended literature