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The purpose of this course is to provide students with basic knowledge concerning the macroeconomic environment, releations and related economic policies. Students should become aware of GDP and national accounts main aggregates, unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, economic growth and other important terms and processes that determine the economic performance of a country. The course is based on Miles, D. and Scott, A.: Macroeconomics, Understanding the Wealth of Nations.

What are you going to learn

  1. Introduction to Macroeconomics, National Accounts and Economic Growth - Understand why we study macroeconomic what is the purpose and scope of macroeconomic. Understand the role and characteristic of national accounts.
  2. Agregate Expenditures, Expenditure Model and International Trade - Understand the 45 model and keynesian multiplier. Understand basic of exchange rate formation and international trade.
  3. Labor Market - Understand the labor demand and supply and relation between money stock and inflation.
  4. Business Cycle and Economic policy - Understand the AS-AD model, business cycle background and the purpose of economic policy.

How the course is organized

Full time study

The course consists of 12 lectures and 12 workshops, each lasting 1,5 hours.

Part time study

The course consists of 4 tutorials, each lasting 3 hours.

Recommended literature