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Practical Information

The first few days in Prague can be quite baffling. The winding streets of the medieval centre can thoroughly confuse you, as can the complicated language and labyrinthine bureaucracy. In order to make it a little easier for you, we have prepared this brief guide: How to simplify settling in the heart of Europe.

Where to stay

We enable our students to request accommodation in student dormitories (more information is available here).

Dormitory life doesn’t appeal to you and you would rather enjoy the comfort of your own flat? Prague is teeming with offers of flats; you don’t have to pay a real estate agency to find you one. Just have a look at the popular website bezrealitky.cz. If you’re also looking for someone to share a flat or room with, we recommend spolubydleni.cz. Or you can join this group on Facebook.  And don’t worry about the language; most people will understand even if you write in English. Or you can simply use Google Translate.


Prague has a very good and highly developed mass transit system. You can get to practically anywhere at any time of night or day, whether by underground, bus or tram. 
You can buy tickets at newsstands, ticket machines or right in the metro stations. A cheaper option is to buy a transport pass with validity for a longer time period.

Where to eat?

Students can get meals at EBC Café, which is within walking distance from the school building. If you won’t be passing by the cafeteria, that’s not a problem. Like any other metropolis, Prague is a culinary crossroads. In addition to traditional Czech cuisine, the city’s restaurants and pubs offer dozens of different cuisines. Right next to the school building is also the affordable restaurant V Kapslovně. Nearby are also the Persona pizzeria and the restaurants Pohádka and Rebellion.


A student cannot live on studying alone. Going to university is also about making friends and having fun. This is doubly true in a country that can rightly boast the best beer in the world. Popular destinations where young people like to spend summer evenings are, for example, Náplavka under Rašínovo nábřeží, and Bajkazyl, Petřín, Riegrovy sady and other parks. And you won’t be disappointed by the interior spaces – there are hundreds of bars, clubs, cafés, discotheques and underground clubs. RoxyMeetFactory, Chapeau RougeRetroRadost FX and Karlovy lázně are just a few of the most famous.


On the cultural front, Prague is unrivalled among European metropolises. Here you will find a lot of exhibition halls, theatres, museums, galleries, cinemas and so on. The most popular include, for example, the National Theatrethe National MuseumDOXMuseum Kampa and the SvětozorBio OKOAero cinemas.