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Erasmus Policy Statement

 Unicorn College has been committed to international relations with EU and non-EU partners. For the last three years, Unicorn College has been following a well defined strategy and the results are now beginning to emerge.

Our bachelor students are recruited exlusively for their talent. They come from all regions of the Czech Republic and from all social casses. Many of them work while studying at our college.

As a consequence, our selection of partners was first of all geographical. We tried to connect with universities not far from Prague so students could eventually go by bus, train or car.

Our second criteria was economical. We selected partners in towns offering a medium cost of living, such as regional centres, not capitals. Countries with known low cost of living were given preferences. Universities with their own dormitories were also paid an extra attention.

Finally, we selected universities based on their specialisation offered. Unicorn College specializes in two tracks: IT and Economics. Therefore, we strived to sign agreements with universities presenting those two tracks. This has the effects of allowing cross-exchanges (we send IT, we receive Economics, and vice-versa) and to reduce the number of partners to deal with. We prefer a few partners with excellent relationships to plenty of agreements but not fruitful.

On the top of those crieria, we always introduce the potential of double diplomas when discussing with future partners. The aim, in the future, is to have as many double-diploma agreements as we have partners.

So far, Unicorn College has mostly concentrated on the establishment of students and staff mobility agreements. We have had some specific projects (field trips for our partners from France and Germany) but those are not long term projects.

Unicorn College is a University focusing on IT and Economics. As such we are the first users of our projects. Unicorn College is extremely committed to new technologies and we are pioneers in using them in our management and teaching. All our students have the access to our professional IT system from which they can log on to their program agenda, their course outline, course podcasts, their assignment schedule, course material and contact with the staff and the teachers. This IT system is constantly upgraded, allowing Unicorn College to always use the cutting edge technology.
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