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How to Enrol

Have you decided to study at Unicorn College? The first step to joining us is clear; simply fill out an online application form.
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Still not sure about all the things you need to fill out the application? Let us walk you through the applicant's path!

The applicant’s path

I don’t know exactly how the admissions process works.

You should know that the door to Unicorn College is opened by an admissions interview, which has the purpose of determining the applicant’s motivation and expectations and identifying his or her level of English. The interview takes approximately 20 minutes. You will need your identification card, school-leaving certificate or a copy and proof of payment of the application fee.


Right, but I’m transferring from another school.

In that case, you might be interested in the rules for recognising courses. We generally recognise those that were classified at the previous university as grade 1, 2 or, in exceptional cases, 3 and which were completed no later than five years prior to submitting an application for their recognition.


Furthermore, I previously studied outside the Czech Republic.

In this case you will need so-called “nostrification”, i.e. recognition of the results of your previous studies abroad. You will need to request nostrification from Prague City Hall, which takes 30-60 days. This obligation does not apply to applicants who received their secondary education in Slovakia.


Some things are still not clear to me…

Then have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section (the icon is right below the text). You will find a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the application form, admission conditions, important dates and fees. The education department will also gladly assist you. Don’t hesitate to write or call.