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Education recognition

In compliance with the valid legislation in the Czech Republic, students at Unicorn College are obligated to submit so-called education recognition (a document officially recognizing the previously completed education at a foreign institution as equivalent to Czech education) at the beginning of their study. Students who completed their study in Slovakia do not have to submit education recognition.

Recognition examination

If the content and extent of education at a foreign school differs partially, or the candidate submits incomplete documents that do not sufficiently reveal the content and extent of the completed courses, the Department of Education and Youth of the Prague City Hall orders a recognition examination. Passing the recognition examination successfully represents a precondition for having a foreign education certificate recognized in the Czech Republic.

Documents necessary for education recognition request

  • The original of foreign education certificate or its officially legalized copy, translated by a Czech judicial translator;
  • The original document on the content and extent of education completed at a foreign school (a list of courses with the number of classes for individual years of study) or its officially legalized copy, translated by a Czech judicial translator;
  • A receipt acknowledging the payment of the 1,000 CZK administrative fee;
  • A record of residency in the Czech Republic (e.g. a copy of identification card, rent contract, etc.)
  • Procuration for representation of the candidate (especially for representing persons below the age of 18 – the procuration shall be signed by a legal representative of the minor or the person to be represented).


The request is submitted at the City Hall registry in Jungmannova 29/35, 111 21 Prague 1 – the ground floor of the Škoda Palace or at the City Hall registry in Mariánské náměstí (square) 2, 110 01, Prague 1.