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June, 11 2019

Admission Interviews

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Admission Interviews

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Applicants from Abroad

Admission is based on an interview, the purpose of which is to find out the motivation and expectations of the applicant and to identify the level of their knowledge of the English language. The duration of the interview is approximately 20 minutes.
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Course of the Interview

The entire interview takes place in English. The applicant will be asked to introduce him or herself and to outline his or her expectations regarding the studies. This is followed by a free discussion about the discipline the applicant wishes to study with the aim of finding out the applicant’s basic knowledge of the discipline.
If you cannot attend the admission procedure in person, it’s possible to arrange to conduct the interview via Skype.

What should you bring to the interview?

  • an identity document (a passport, a citizen’s identity card)
  • general certificate of education or a copy authenticated by a notary
  • document on recognition of education obtained abroad
  • a document evidencing payment of the application fee (this can be paid on site on the day of the admission interview).

Recognition of Secondary School Education Obtained Abroad

A so-called “nostrification” document is a document issued to foreign nationals that ensures that the secondary school education obtained by an applicant will be recognised by Czech authorities. An applicant cannot be admitted to the university without a nostrification document. Applicants who obtained their secondary school education in the Slovak Republic do not need a nostrification document. Read more about nostrification here.

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