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February, 13 2020

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March, 12 2020

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June, 09 2020

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June, 11 2020

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Study in the English language
EUR 3,500

Tuition fees are always paid for a full academic year. Tuition for the first year of study needs to be paid within 14 days after signing the contract. For the following years of study, the dates for payment are determined in the study contract.
Through the Study Department, students can apply for a repayment schedule for the payment of tuition fees.
For more information on the fees associated with the admission procedure, please go HERE.

Discount on tuition fees

For students who sent the application till June 30th, 2019, there is one-time discount of 15% from the tuition fees.          

Payment of Fees

For domestic payments via bank transfer

Account number (CZK)
Constant symbol

For international payments

Account number (EUR)
CZ14 0100 0001 1577 0317 0227
Bank name and address
Komerční banka a.s., Na Příkopě 33, 114 07 Prague, Czech Republic
Constant symbol