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Terms for 2018

June, 12

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June, 14

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June, 21

Admission Interviews

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Scholarship Programmes

Unicorn College offers merit, accommodation and social scholarships. All applications for scholarships are received and processed by the Study Department.

Merit Scholarships

We support talented students engaged in full-time studies through merit scholarships.

Silver Merit Scholarship

  • Among the top 30 students at Unicorn College
  • Tuition waived
  • Successful completion of the scholarship test
  • Grade point average of 1.5

Gold Merit Scholarship

  • Among the top three students at Unicorn College
  • Silver Merit Scholarship holder
  • Tuition waived
  • Prize CZK 10,000

Scholarship Tests

The purpose of scholarship tests is to verify the knowledge of the secondary school curriculum in the following fields:
  • English language (samples, PDF 118 kB)
  • Mathematics (sample, PDF 78 kB)
  • depending on the chosen discipline of study:
    • Economics (sample,PDF 88 kB)
    • Information technologies (sample, PDF 99 kB)

Accommodation Scholarships

We mediate the provision of accommodation scholarships to our students. This scholarship is assigned by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The scholarship is paid according to the laws and directives governing the scholarship.
A student is entitled to an accommodation scholarship for every calendar month in which the student meets the requirements for eligibility. A student is not eligible for the months of July and August.
This scholarship is usually awarded to those students whose places of permanent residence are outside Prague. The amount of the scholarship is 650 CZK/month. The accommodation scholarship is paid on a retroactive basis as a single amount to the student’s account within 30 days of when the accommodation scholarship is credited to the school’s account.