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Life at Unicorn College

At Unicorn College, you will see for yourself that a university is not just about studying and obligations.
Throughout the year, we organise a number of extracurricular events in cooperation with Unicorn, which are intended for students and their friends and families. Sports activities, tournaments and the legendary Trips with Vladimír are particularly popular. The participants tour remarkable historical, technical or natural sites all over the Czech Republic in a Red Monster bus. In the spring, our students also participate in the Vigour Rider competition on a regular basis. Each time before Christmas, we organise a Christmas party featuring a concert by a well-known Czech band.
For students from outside Prague, we offer accommodation in university dormitories in Jarov, Chodov or Strahov.
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Seven experiences that Unicorn College definitely won’t deprive you of

Life experiences

Every proper university is about teaching and responsibilities. And that applies to ours, too. Every proper university is also about life outside the classroom and Unicorn College does not forget that. It is necessary to socialise; after all, how will you get the materials from the last seminar?

Procrastination experiences

We don’t like it when our students aimlessly procrastinate on their own. Therefore, we offer a number of forums for highly effective mass procrastination. It’s great fun and when others join you, you don’t look so bad.

Travel experiences

We don’t go on traditional trips with a governess or even with a supervisor, but rather with Vladimír Kovář. This has its advantages. When you loudly expressed yourself in front of a governess, she sent you to bed. When you loudly express yourself in front of the owner of one of the biggest European software firms, he might hire you.
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Competitive experiences

Our students annually take part in the Vigour Rider race, where necessary skills are a sense of direction, endurance and logical consideration of what is worth the effort and what isn’t. In other words, everything that we strive to teach you at Unicorn College.
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Culinary experiences

We do not recommend the typically depressing eating habits of university students ranging from Chinese soup to Chinese soup. If you want to maintain friendly relations with your digestive system, have a look at the dining options at and around the school.

Dormitory experiences

Although we are a private school, you definitely do not need to worry that we want to deprive you of the experience of dormitory life. For those who are interested, we have several options where you can toughen yourself up in battles for dishes, for privacy, for space in common refrigerators and for your own dignity. Have a look at them.