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To support the teaching process and to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the learning process, we use an information system operated through the Plus4U online service.
Plus4U helps us ensure integrated support of studies. Thanks to this, our students have extensive educational materials for all courses at their disposal at any time, including self-tests, information on grades, timetables, etc. All students need is a device connected to the Internet and equipped with an Internet browser.

Basic Functions


  • a timetable integrated into a calendar (with the possibility of synchronising the calendar with a mobile device)
  • information on the courses being taught, including the conditions for completing the course
  • grades for courses and individual tasks
  • a list of educational supports for a course (recommended literature, online sources…)
  • educational materials for courses
  • self-tests
  • assignment and submission of tasks

Educational Materials

  • course portal
  • lesson portal
  • educational text
  • audio / video recording of a lecture
  • the problem being solved
  • exercises to be completed by students on their own


  • registering / cancelling registration to an examination
  • entering the date of an examination into the student’s diary

Educational Agenda

Each student has his own card in the system, on which he will find:
  • grades
  • copies of completed tests
  • electronic grade report
  • contracts
  • applications and decisions


The information system offers an online catalogue of books and an option to reserve books from the school’s library.