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Course of Studies

Unicorn College offers a university education in the form of full-time studies, part-time studies and individual studies. The recommended period is 3 years.

The academic year starts with enrolment for the given year, at which point the student chooses his or her courses. During the first fourteen days the student can register for additional courses or cancel his or her registration. The year is divided into a winter and summer semester, each of which consists of twelve weeks of classes and a six-week exam period.
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The Unicorn Universe information system is an integral part of the study programme through which we offer students integrated electronic support for their studies.

Forms of Learning

Full-time Studies

  • This type of education comprises regular lectures and seminars.  
  • 20-25 lessons per week.  
  • Two-day intensive workshops are organised for selected courses.
  • Study programme includes professional work experience.
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Part-time Studies

  • This type of education comprises self-study with weekend tutorials, which take place once a month.
  • Two-day intensive workshops are organised for selected courses.

Individual Studies

  • This type of education mainly comprises weekend meetings and regular consultations with the teachers.
  • The student prepares his or her own plan of studies with individual teachers.

Evening Courses

For courses that require extra preparation, we organise evening courses. They take place on weekdays and are intended for students who do not find tutorial education suitable and who prefer more frequent assignments. The courses are paid and cost from 2,000 – 2,500 CZK.

Credit System

  • Depending on the level of difficulty, a number of credits, most often between 3 and 6, is assigned to a course.
  • A student must obtain at least 180 credits during their entire study programme.
  • In order to advance to the next year, students need to obtain at least 36 credits per academic year.
  • The credit system allows students to spread their studies over a period of up to five years.

System for Grading Courses

  • Ongoing and final assessment – based on an oral examination or a written test.
  • In order to complete a course, a student must obtain at least 60% of the score from the first or second assessment.
  • For each test, two dates are announced – the regular date and a substitute. In exceptional cases, it is possible to apply for a special or individual date for a test (for a fee).
  • Students who’ve obtained at least the minimum required score based on the ongoing assessment during the semester have the opportunity to take the final examination in the following semester.
  • For selected courses, we offer the opportunity to obtain points for participation and involvement in the learning process in addition to the traditional activities required to pass the ongoing assessment (tests, homework).

Course of Studies

The studies include project-specific teaching, which serves to achieve the main goal of our school, which is to integrate knowledge across the courses and to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.
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Intensive Workshops

Conducted by experienced lecturers selected from among collaborating experts.
  • Students in teams work on 1-day to 2-day projects according to the type of course.
  • Each team elects their project manager, develops a project plan and the organisational structure of the group. In conclusion, they present their outputs to the lecturers.
  • In these projects, students try to create introductory studies, corporate strategic plans, marketing strategies, business restructuring, etc.
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Semester-wide Projects

  • Client representatives and technological consultants are assigned to the student teams.
  • During the semester, the project manager prepares regular weekly reports; the teams also meet with the head of the seminar and client representatives on a regular basis.
  • Representatives of our business partners (such as Česká spořitelna, Microsoft, Apple) also attend the final presentations.
  • Thanks to projects of this kind, students obtain experience with designing information systems, writing technical projects and implementing prototypes of information system.

iPad as an Integral Part of the Teaching Process

At Unicorn College, iPads are intensively used by both students and teachers. Teachers use iPads to project interactive presentations on Apple TV and for applications to communicate with students directly during the lecture (NearPod). Students use iPads to present the results of their school tasks to lecturers and fellow students.

Involving Business Partners in the Teaching Process

Lectures are often given by representatives of our business partners, most often from among financial institutions or technological companies.
It’s also possible to meet them during examinations; in this way the students will gain unique experience with presenting arguments and their opinions in front of high-level managers or specialists.
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Students can, for example, meet specialists from Allianz, Prague Stock Exchange, Česká spořitelna, Komerční banka, Raiffeisenbank, Telefónica O2, Unicorn, Vigour. And they have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the many job offers our partners have prepared for them.