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June, 11 2019

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June, 13 2019

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June, 20 2019

Admission Interviews

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Benefits of Studying

We Provide Students with a Self-contained Set of Knowledge and Skills

  • Education includes not only conventional lectures but also practical workshops, seminars and semester-wide projects.
  • Renowned experts with actual working experience are involved in teaching.
  • A broad choice of foreign languages, primarily English and Russian.
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Our Graduates are in High Demand on the Labour Market

  • One-third of Unicorn College students find a job within the Unicorn group.
  • One-third of students start their careers at one of our partners.
  • One-third of students start their own companies during their studies or shortly after.
  • None of our graduates have a problem finding a job.

Corporate Culture Policies Applied Already During Studies

  • We respect the qualitative standards applicable to the labour market and consequently prepare students for their jobs from the very first day.
  • We do not treat each other as teachers and students but as colleagues.
  • Open and healthy communication – about anything, at any time.

We Work with the Largest Players on the Market

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