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Accommodation and Meals

Unicorn College is located in the center of Prague. Although our University does not manage its own dormitories, several options are available for students. Thanks to special agreements with larger institutions, the University of Economics in Prague and the Czech Technical University, our students are entitled to apply and be hosted in various dormitories across town.
Meals are also available to our students in the university canteens of VŠE’s dormitories and in the Rajská building in Žižkov.


The application needs to be done online, as instructed below. The earlier students apply, the better chances to get a room in the desired location. The study Department of Unicorn College is always available to provide you with confirmation of studies and other support.

Dormitories of the University of Economics in Prague

Vltava and Blanice Dormitories
Large, ten-storey prefab buildings Blanice and Vltava, each with 1,036 beds, are located on the premises of the halls of residence in Jižní Město in Prague 4. There is a Volha bus stop nearby. The Chodov metro station (red line C) is three bus stops away from the Volha stop.
They offer accommodation for students of University of Economics, students of other universities and non-students (hotel type).
Website: https://accommodation.vse.cz/
E-mail: ubytovani@vse.cz
Phone: +420 224 092 156
Office Hours: Mo–Thu: 8:00-11:00, 13:00-15:00; Fri: 8:00-11:00
How to apply: Use the form on https://iskam-web.vse.cz/
  Blanice Vltava

Dormitories of the Czech Technical University

Dejvice, Sinkuleho, Masarykova, Orlík, Bubeneč, Strahov, Hlávkova & Podolí Dormitories
The Czech Technical University (CTU) offers students accommodation in dormitories it administers within Prague. The dormitories can be found in the vicinity of the CTU campus in Dejvice – Prague 9 (Dejvická, Sinkuleho and Masarykova Dormitories), in Bubeneč not far from Dejvice (Bubeneč and Orlík Dormitories), at Strahov, in the Prague city centre (Hlávkova Dormitory) next to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and close to the city centre, in the picturesque Prague 4 - Podolí.
Accommodation in CTU dormitories can be applied for any CTU students, a student of another university and secondary school; students of full age can apply any time throughout the year. This means you can apply for dormitory any time throughout the year. To do so, please fill in: Applications for accommodation in CTU dormitories for the giver academic year. Applications shall be accommodated based on (free) CTU accommodation capacity.
Website: https://www.suz.cvut.cz/en/dormitories
Email: ubytovani@suz.cvut.cz
Phone: +420 234 678 387
Office Hours: Mo, Tue, Th: 8:00 - 15:00, Wed: 9:00 - 16:00, Fr: 8:00 - 14:00
How to apply: https://web.suz.cvut.cz/Login 
strahov.jpg dejvice.jpg podoli.jpg masarykova.jpg 
The map of dormitories
Contacts to Unicorn College
If you have troubles with getting accomodation, feel free to contact the Study Department.
Website: www.unicorncollege.eu
Email: studijni@unicorncollege.cz
Phone: +420 602 571 979
Office Hours: Mo: 9:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00, Wed: 13:00 – 19:00, Fri: 9:00 – 12:00