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Lukáš Holeczy – A student pursuing his dream ...

Lukáš Holeczy, while studying at Unicorn College, pursued his dream and started his own project, Wifiboard.cz. It is an app for restaurant facilities where guests don’t neet to ask the waiters for a wifi password. The guests connect to a public network, free_wifiboard, and get to the chosen website, or even daily menu or the restaurant ad.
Where did Lukáš’s path begin?
„I‘ve been programming since I was 12. However, I got a substantial impuls after a Microsoft event a few years ago. I realized that the secondary school curriculum is far from what real life and real work look like. It influenced me and my friend so much that we ran a platform several years which showed to secondary school students how some things work in practice, by means of excursions, discussions and lectures. The perspective of practical skills obviously affected my choice of university as well. Then it was just a small step to starting something bigger, such as Wifiboard.“
The first impression from a live meeting with Lukáš Holeczy is “a typical 22-year-old guy“. The second look tells you that something is different about him. Lukáš knows what he wants and pursues it purposefully. How else would he come up with the Wifiboard.cz project?
From a user’s perspective – a simple thing. Coming to a restaurant, I order something and see a card lying on the table containing information on the available wifi internet connection. Connected, I can see a homepage with a redirrect to a chosen website, possibly the daily menu and some ads. Have you seen anything like that already? Probably. On fastfood chain wifi networks, for example. But in a stylish pub near Staroměstské náměstí? Well, not until recently, due to the Wifiboard.cz project. How did Lukáš come up with such an idea? Beside studying the bachelor programme of ICT Project Management at Unicorn College, he has been working with three friends on providing wifi routers to restaurants for some time. Nowadays, prestigious media agencies want to join the project and dealings are in progress about expanding beyond the Czech Republic. The restaurant owners who joined the system in its pilot operation show their satisfaction. So do Lukáš and the other project partners. Beside other things, they gained significant know-how from the gastro industry and they work on developing a solution that includes attractive BI (Business Intelligence) functions.