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Practical international cooperation workshop between Unicorn College students and FHWS students

A fruitful cooperation exists between the two institutions, Unicorn College and Würzburg’s FHWS, distant only by 400km. For many years, our bilateral agreement in the fields of Economics but also IT has been the backbone to students mobility both ways (including the successful establishment of a #double-diploma), teachers’ exchanges and field trips.
A new level of cooperation was reached this year, during the Summer semester, in two steps. In March 2019, a group of German students accompanied by prof. Christian Bachmeir came to Prague. Hosted for a week in dedicated premises equipped with adequate IT material, they mingled with a group of IT students from Unicorn College, following lectures about the IoT technologies, working in groups on various topics.
Within the same semester, two months later, the same group of Czech students was enthusiastically travelling to Würzburg together with their professor Tomáš Jukin, where they were met with their German partners. There, in multicultural teams speaking only in English, they upgraded the existing cooperation by working on joint IoT projects with the assistance of their tutors in a dedicated IT lab. The assignment was to design a preliminary proposal for potential IT investors of an IoT product. It implied both technological and marketing knowledge. By the end of the week, presentations were made in front of a collective of representatives coming from both Universities.
This successful project is a perfect example of what Unicorn College strives to propose its students: a practical insight to the real-world of business and IT. In this case, students acquired not only technical knowledge about IoT products, but also developed interpersonnal skills stemming from this intercultural experience.
Both institutions are thrilled with this result and are already actively preparing a new session next year!