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Unicorn College at CloudConu 2019

Just as last year, we attended the CloudCon in Chomutov in 2019 and introduced Unicorn College to students at the Technical Secondary School in Chomutov.
We participated in the event as one of the partners. We held a presentation of Unicorn College and the attending students could also visit our stand. The students had an opportunity to experience themselves some of our school projects focused on IoT or ask any questions concerning the study at Unicorn College.
This year’s CloudCon concentrated on Future Jobs. Therefore, we revealed to the students that Unicorn College does not only equip its students with the ever more important formal education. We also give our students a chance to acquire practical experience during the study. Unicorn College has been feeling for quite some time that the Czech school system does not optimally prepare students for the practice awaiting them after graduation. That is why we also introduced our Work&Study mode. This programme allows students to study at Unicorn College in the distant learning form and get a job in one’s field, provided by the Unicorn Company, during one’s study. It has already been launched in Prešov, Slovakia, with great feedback. However, we’re planning its introduction in other Czech and Slovak cities with Unicorn Company branches.
The whole event was a success and clearly beneficial for the students. Many thanks for the great organization and spotless choice of speakers. They managed to entertain as well as enlighten the listeners and make students keen on working in various fields. I hope that the future CloudCon events will be just as successful as this one.
Lukáš Bajer,
Lecturer and Unicorn Research Centre Project Manager