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A Semester with Erasmus – the Best Semester of My Life?

In brief? Yes.
The long version? What other time should one choose to leave for half a year and disregard what's left at home – work, school? Unicorn College is a small university, so everything works a bit different from large universities. I left to study something dissimilar from what I study at Unicorn College. I still received full support from the study department, alternative examination dates, all possible advice etc. That gave me the space to enjoy the best semester of my life. This happens to be my story but you can easily experience your own. Conditions are great.
I chose the Business Academy Aarhus as my host school in the second largest Danish city. I did not survey anything about the school, city or country in advance. I left everything as a surprise for myself, and therefore my Erasmus became a huge adventure right after my arrival to the airport. I had no idea where I was or how to get to the city and student accommodation.
The best aspect of Erasmus is that you meet dozens of people with the same fate as yours – you're there alone, a novice, in need of new friends. Therefore, meeting someone is not hard at all. If you're lucky, your school organizes an introductory get-together. For example, we tried out a popular Danish pastime – to get to a deserted island to grill, drink, have fun and sleep under the sky.
People say that Erasmus is one big party. It sometimes proves otherwise, but my Erasmus stay in Denmark actually was. School requirements reach a lot lower level than in the Czech Republic. The less time one needs to dedicate to school and studying, the more time one has for all the rest. We travelled all across Denmark with a group of friends and even flew to the utmost North of Norway to watch northern lights (plot twist – we came two weeks before aurora is normally to be observed, so we saw nothing of it ...).
I brought an incredible amount of experiences, stories and memories back home. That's the core of Erasmus. Everyone who does not take part misses out a lot. Personally, I recommend Erasmus to everyone without serious ties and a little opportunity to leave. I am already looking forward to the master's study to go for another semester.
Lukáš Holeczy,
A Unicorn College Student