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Whom you meet at Unicorn College – Jaroslav Janda

What is it like to study at Unicorn College and help to work on interesting school projects? And what possibilities to study and work for Unicorn College? Unicorn College student Jaroslav Janda told us all this in a recent interview!
Can you introduce yourself, please?
My name is Jaroslav Janda and I study at Unicorn College. In my free time I try to be with my family, friends, to learn new things and live normally, doing things that I like. Among other stuff, I’ve been helping with various projects at school for about a year.
How long have you been studying at Unicorn College and what was the beginning like?
Why I chose Unicorn College?
I am in my second year now, studying ICT Project Management. I chose this field as I plan to work in management or to found my own business. Unicorn College attracted me by the connection of IT, management and economics. I never wanted to become a pure IT guy. However, I’ve always liked new technology, its possibilities and modern design. On the other hand, business, HR management, responsibility tempt me as well and I believe I have a talent for them. Therefore, this school with this exact field was a clear choice. Another key thought that made me decide to study this school was that technology sets trends and most probably will keep doing so in the future, represent an opportunity for good money and is indispensable right now. Besides, technology is likely to govern the whole manufacturing process, as well as our households in the foreseeable future, to such an extent that whoever designs, controls or sells technology, will find themselves at the tip of the iceberg and will be well off.
My beginning at Unicorn College?
The beginning was quite alright. It was a huge change compared to secondary school, but a motivated and hardworking person has no problems. I started after the grammar school with zero knowledge of programming. I was a bit afraid whether I could manage. However, the school provides great resources and exercises for practicing and I managed without trouble. The whole course was led by a great teacher, Pavel Bory, who explained everything properly and helped us a lot.
How did you get the job at Unicorn College and what’s your workload?
I’ve worked on 4 projects for the school so far. The first was transcription of materials to electronic multi-platform books, called uuBooks. Later, I concluded that I dare to handle more complex projects. I wrote to Marek Beránek, the Managing Director, whether the school was offering any jobs in other projects. Mr. Beránek gave me several options and I chose a project in which I would learn the most and which I would like.
Firstly, I worked on SmartTV, running at the reception. It processes third-party data via API, such as holidays, weather forecast etc. I got acquainted with NodeJS and React (enhanced with Unicorn technology) in the project. Once the SmartTV project finished, I started my work on the application for IoT device management and the new web to be launched this year.
What do you think of your job? What do you like about it?
I really like that I learn a lot of new stuff the whole time and participate in meaningful projects. I also appreciate that the work is no routine. There’s always some problem to spice up things and that’s great. The school also offers us an array of other projects, such as CERN, with e.g. Honza Bárta or Jaromír Tomšů working on them. In general, I like the great team at school and the fact that I can always share my question or problem with someone, and it always gets solved.
What’s your personal mission at Unicorn College and what direction is your work and study going to take?
My current aim is to graduate. Meanwhile, I wish to participate in more interesting projects at school and to gain as much knowledge from the school as I can. That’s actually the reason to study any school. And this school is fun – the courses as well as the people. People can eventually make your study either easier, more enjoyable and motivating, or boring and draining. The people here are fantastic!
The greatest current news for me is that several days ago I was chosen to STRV for an intensive course of iOS development. My next aim is to learn to programme iOS well as it makes deep sense and brings good financial reward. After graduation I plan to start the master’s study and then, as I’ve already mentioned, to head for a management position or found my own company.