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Modern Teaching Methods at Unicorn College

We have been offering students an opportunity to study in chosen courses by means of new interactive online textbooks, uuBooks, since 2018. They are amended by interactive online courses, uuCourses. We started using the system of combining an online book and course in the courses of macroeconomics and microeconomics. We plan to broaden the range of classes allowing this type of study. We aim at preparing uuBooks and uuCourses for every course taught at Unicorn College and integrate them into classes gradually.
We consider uuBooks as a useful aid that offers – beside traditional study materials – interactive graphs and an array of modern components. Such components allow, for example, to hide the solutions of exercises and show them again at the moment when a student needs to check the given calculation. The uuBooks and uuCourses interconnect and students can use the sources simultaneously. Each chapter in the textbook ends with a possibility to click through to the corresponding part of the online course in order to verify one’s newly acquired knowledge. Each lesson in the online course also gives a student the possibility to click through to the corresponding part of the online textbook to learn about the theory and wider context.
Online uuCourses also give instantaneous feedback and allow storing information from individual elements of the course. A student can save the most challenging parts and subsequently revise them at any time in any place. As uuBooks and uuCourses split into short individual units a student can go through a given unit e.g. when travelling on a bus or tram on the way to school. All one needs is a phone.
We also started to use online courses in the education process itself. So far, we have successfully applied them in the Macroeconomics and Law 2 courses with the full-time form of study. Students write a short test by means of uuCourses in each seminar. Such tests enable them to gain points for the continuous evaluation. We are testing the possibilities of including online tests for continuous evaluation in the part-time form of study as well. Students in the Macroeconomics course gain points for activity at the end of the semester based on how many lessons in the online course the given student completed with a full score. In the following summer semester, students can enjoy for example the textbook and course for the Management and Taxes course.
Ing. Jana Švejdová
The Head of the Economics and Management Department

What does a teacher say about interactive books and courses?

I use the online uuCourses in classes mainly for e-testing. Due to automatic evaluation both I and the students have immediate feedback of the taught topic. Hereby, I can find out whether students have an overview of the matter. I use the uuBook textbooks in classes instead of traditional presentation. The structure of uuBooks facilitates orientation in the text even during a lecture.
The interactive character of the textbook for example allows me to present specific diagrams to students in the Macroeconomics course in a more illustrative way. The traditional textbook or presentation format are basically not needed any more nowadays.
Online textbooks and courses constitute a great tool for students in the part-time form of study as well. Part-time students have most of the activity outside the classes, unlike full-time students. Online uuBooks and uuCourses facilitate faster understanding of the given topic. Due to their limited time capacity, I believe that part-time students appreciate this.
I enjoy working with the online courses and textbooks. Instead of a standard presentation I can just open the given book with the students and go through various interactive graphs and exercises.
doc. Ing. Jan Čadil, Ph.D.
The President of Unicorn College and teacher of the Macroeconomics and Microeconomics courses

What’s a student’s perspective of uuBooks and uuCourses?

The online uuBoook textbook is a great modern version of educational materials giving me all necessary resources at once – individual topics, as well as streams. I appreciate that uuBooks and uuCourses adapt to any portable device, so I can open the given topic on a mobile phone or a tablet. In terms of Macroeconomics, I like the interactivity of the diagrams which helps me find out the individual values and understand them more easily.
The online uuCourses greatly supplement the uuBooks. After studying the materials, I can test my knowledge on my own and verify what I really understand. Individual uuCourse lessons include study cards that remind me of the studied topic or even add some examples. I can take the test repeatedly without being limited in terms of time or place.
Jaromír Tomšů
A Unicorn College Student