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Mini Unicorn Day in Česká Třebová

On Tuesday 26th February, we visited the vocational school in Česká Třebová as part of our event called Mini Unicorn Day. We accompanied our colleagues from the Unicorn branch in Hradec Králové.
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First, we introduced the Unicorn Company with its visions for 2019 and then Unicorn College as well. Afterwards, attendants listened to lectures on Internet of Things (IoT) and its practical use and participated in a contest. Participants also got an opportunity to break a cipher and win interesting prizes.
General lectures:
 - Ondřej Bouška introduced the Unicorn Company with its visions for 2019.
 - Miroslav Šíp introduced Unicorn College.
Practical lectures:
 - Lukáš Bajer focused on the topic of IoT.
 - Tomáš Kalina spoke on practical use of IoT, specifically in households.
After the lectures, the participating students learned more about projects realized at Unicorn College. They could also try out our IoT projects or take a look at our interactive textbooks and courses. Many of the participants also explored the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset.
The whole Mini Unicorn Day event was a success and we’d like to thank the whole organizational team. For Unicorn College: Jitka Rohelová, Miroslav Šíp, Lukáš Bajer, David Král a Jaromír Tomšů. For Unicorn: Hana Jančíková, Lenka Hronešová, Ondřej Bouška a Tomáš Kalina.
For Unicorn College and Unicorn,
Marek Beránek & Daniel Ševčík