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Whom you meet at Unicorn College – Otmar Brancuzský

Otmar Brancuzský has been the Vice-president of Pedagogy since 2018. The following interview reveals where he sees potential, what he wants to accomplish and what students can look forward to.
Could you introduce yourself to us, please?
My name is Otmar Brancuzský and I took up the position of the Vice-president of Pedagogy at Unicorn College in 2018.
Tell us about your beginning in the Unicorn group, please.
I learned about the Unicorn group shortly after my graduation at the University of Hradec Králové. I participated in two significant projects funded by the European Union funds. The projects focused on employee education in social services. The projects were implemented by the University of Hradec Králové and the Královéhradecký region authority. Each project took 2 years and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport labelled them as one of the most efficient projects, due to the ratio of invested money to the number of trained employees.
Upon completing the projects, I was offered to participate in other projects. However, I decided – along with several of my colleagues – to enter Unicorn. As most newcomers in Unicorn, I started by attending the initial internal training. In my case, it mostly focused on development in Java.
After the initial training, I won the tender for an internal education manager at the Unicorn Top Gun Academy. This unit provides prime training in various IT areas for current and incoming Unicorn co-workers.
When I joined the Unicorn Top Gun Academy in 2011 though, this unit was merely at its beginning. Beside me, there was only one colleague in it. We started setting the processes together with Marek Beránek, the Unicorn College President, to get the Unicorn Top Gun Academy going. We established new courses and set up communication with other Unicorn companies, especially Vigour. The Unicorn Top Gun Academy gradually grew into the shape and size it has today. Currently, there are even several trainings a day at various Unicorn branches. The record so far is 11.
How long have you cooperated with Unicorn College and what’s your job?
I worked as the Unicorn Top Gun Academy manager until the end of 2017. Then, I got an offer for the position of the Vice-president of Pedagogy at Unicorn College. The main aim is to help Unicorn College develop e-learning by means of interactive books and courses.
Therefore, my main task at Unicorn College is managing the uuBooks and uuCourses projects. We aim to provide interactive books and classes in chosen courses taught at Unicorn College. We want to give students an opportunity to study the curriculum even remotely, from anywhere in the world.
I also supervise all departments. They consult all their class changes, as well as the interactive books and courses or personnel changes among teachers.
What’s your personal mission at Unicorn College and what direction will your job take in the future?
I’d like to help Unicorn College to keep its study materials in a state-of-the-art form. It is crucial to be able to provide students with the possibility to study via the internet. One of my other big tasks is to start up the master’s programmes from the winter semester of 2019. They represent a significant milestone in Unicorn College history.