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Unicorn Students Attended a Court Proceeding

Our students attended a court proceeding on 20th November 2018 as part of the Law 2 course. Thus, they could see in reality what prosecution, or the defence of an accused person look like, as well as passing a sentence.
The trial concerned criminal matters with the defendant having committed several crimes. After burgling a house, he stole a car which he drove under the influence of drugs. Subsequently, while escaping the police, he crashed into a police car, injuring a police officer. He had been prosecuted in several legal processes, being finally sentenced to prison until 2030. This final proceeding concerned escaping the police patrol and injuring the police officer.
The excursion aimed at providing students with an insight into a real court process. Students learned how the judge acts in a court proceeding or how the defence or prosecution deliver their points of view. We belive that the excursion was highly beneficial for the students and brought an interesting stimulus into the Law 2 course.