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WeCanCode Academy, or university education try-outs!

Unicorn College supports education of the widest public. The weekend WeCanCode Academy represents a convenient opportunity to learn more about technical fields without unnecessary worries. Our seminars focus mainly on secondary school students. However, even younger students or anyone else will surely gain new knowledge and skills by attending it.
We limited the capacity of the seminar as we understand the importance of individual approach in the education process. Therefore, the teachers can take full care of each participant separately according to their needs. The academy enables participants to try out state-of-the-art technology.

What do the teachers say of the seminars?

On Saturday 3rd November, I held the course called "The mysteries of programming" as part of the weekend WeCanCode Academy. The participants found out quickly the basic principles of algorithmicizing while resolving assignments with Ozobots. Therefore, we could devote more time to designing simple games in Scratch.
Even in this part of the course, the participants showed quick understanding, learning about the movement of objects and their bounces from obstacles, controlling the movement of objects by means of a keyboard or mouse, collisions of objects etc. Like that, we programmed for example catching apples into a bowl or break-out brick demolition. I enjoyed it very much and I could see the participants' eagerness as well. The only shame was that the capacity of the course wasn't fully vacated. However, I believe that many of the participants kept on programming in Scratch at home ...
Libor Švejda,
teacher at Unicorn College
The WeCanCode seminar called "Automate your own home" let participants discover the principles of home automation. The participants tried out assembling sensor stations on the BigClown platform and learned to control a light band based on current temperature and humidity. Both total beginners and senior participants with some experience in programming enjoyed the seminar. I consider WeCanCode as a great chance for younger students to try the use of modern technology in practice.
Tomáš Jukin,
teacher at Unicorn College