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15. 11. 2016
In this, the eight Unicorn College Open, the main theme of the lectures focused on the current phenomenon known as Internet of Things (IoT). We looked through the eyes of those who form the platform for communication on current events, visions of the future and potential pitfalls. Concrete and existing solutions had their space as well.
24. 08. 2016
This time, the main topic and common denominator of all lectures of the Unicorn College Open, which this year took place on 22 April, was the area of e-commerce. But this wasn’t the only topic – leading experts from the area of marketing, IT, or finance also provided knowledgeable view of e-commerce from the perspective of their specialisations. 
03. 08. 2016
There are perhaps precious few things that we can all agree on. That a nice hot supper is better than a slice of bread with some spread. That sunshine by the seashore is better than a tsunami. That getting more money for work is better than getting less money. And that a person learns more with an internship than without one. And that's how we run things here at Unicorn College. 
01. 06. 2016
Knowledge memorised by heart definitely isn’t the most important thing that university graduates need. At Unicorn College we therefore try to find the ideal balance between theory and practise.
07. 03. 2016
Mr. Marek Beránek, Director of Unicorn College, appeared on “Breakfast with Nova” where he answered questions related to Unicorn College and education in general.
07. 03. 2016
Jana Moudrá, Unicorn College teacher, attended the conference on the topic of Woman and information technologies. The conference was held 18. 2. 2016.
07. 03. 2016
The event for all lovers of new technologies and modern way of management - #UCLday took place at Unicorn College on Thursday, 12. 2. 2016. You could see and hear many interesting from the world of IT, Economics and Management.